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With humble beginnings, ZHONGSHAN FANSHENG ELECTRIC APPLIANCES CO.,LTD with more than 10 years of rich knowledge and experience in creating innovative home appliances. Renowned and recognised by the market and consumers for our product technology, innovation & design, it is the dedication to fine details that powers our growth. Established to become a proud representative from the little red dot today, we are also rapidly building an identity in some Southeast Asia countries. Recognising and understanding the advantage of expert support, FANSHENG has built a strategic partnership network with China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Italy. By tapping onto their individual expertise, this also strengthened our capabilities and set the fundamentals for product development. Investing into extensive research and R&D capability building, behind each product system technology is the drive and dedication to the finished technical and aesthetic quality.
Well-advanced and keeping ahead of trends, FANSHENG gives new meaning and definition to the contemporary lifestyle by introducing the Total Wellness perspective in Body . Water . Air. Maintaining a competitive know-how and strengthening new technologies, we aspire to enhance the quality of life with creative solutions. Relevant and optimized for smart performance, FANSHENG products serve to be a constant enrichment to modern households today. Also relationship-oriented, the complete experience is refined with attention to the human elements for extended service excellence.

Driven for Continuous Innovation, Designed for Continuous Improvement.
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